The short story

After referring to me as “an ardent champion of the right of taxpayers to participate in the budget process” (June 15, 2015 legal opinion), Prosecutor Nichols nonetheless agrees to sue me (while commissioner Peach threatens me with criminal charges) to force me to disburse funds from the county treasury based on a false certificate that eradicates $1.3 million in taxpayer rights and reserve funds.

In January 2016, the Port O Call names me “Person of the Year” for my efforts to make county government accountable for how it handles county funds and my continuing whistle blowing.

Less than three months later, a Sheriff’s deputy personally serves me in the Treasurer’s Office with a 102 page lawsuit filed by Prosecutor Nichols seeking to hold me personally liable for any “penalties, sanctions, and attorney’s fees that may be due for those records she personally provided to the requester [Paul Gottlieb of the Peninsula Daily News].”  Yes, you read that correctly:  I was being sued for whistle blowing.

Then it turns out that at the same time Mark Nichols was suing me for releasing public records, Mark Nichols and his deputies were stealthily negotiating a settlement of Mr. Lange’s public records case against them for repeatedly and wrongfully withholding from Mr. Lange large amounts of public records that were relevant to Mr. Lange’s nuisance case against his neighbor, costing the taxpayers $500,000 in reserve funds plus attorney’s fees.

More to come…

In the meantime, here are your choices for prosecuting attorney:

  • Mark Nichols: Ardent champion of administrative loopholes, retaliatory lawsuits, and self-interested settlements, all at the expense of your rights and reserve funds;
  • Selinda Barkhuis: Ardent champion of your taxpayer rights and reserve funds, according to Mark Nichols himself…

Choose carefully.  Your rights and reserve funds depend on it!

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