Barkhuis v Nichols Comparison

WHO’S MOST QUALIFIED to protect and defend YOUR right
to be treated equally, fairly, and consistently

Selinda Barkhuis for Prosecutor

Mark Nichols incumbent

PRACTICED 7 YEARS as courtroom lawyer.

NOTHING comparable.

SERVED 7 YEARS as your elected county treasurer safekeeping your $100 million in taxpayer reserves.

LESS THAN 4 years in elected office; sued treasurer Barkhuis for whistle blowing to the taxpayers.

TWICE ELECTED president of local bar association by local lawyers.
TWICE RECOGNIZED by local lawyers for public service and promoting access to justice for all.

GOT JUDGE TO POSTPONE until after the election the trial for a sexual harassment lawsuit alleging he persistently pursued his married office manager in the courthouse and on the job.

DEFENDED your tax dollars and your rights:
– “I think she’s done a great job;” “She’s very careful with the taxpayer dollar” – Mike Chapman.
– “What we see is a real passion for serving the people of this community” – Mark Ozias.
– She is “an ardent champion of the right of taxpayers” – Mark Nichols.

COSTING you your tax dollars and your rights:
– $1.6 million plus attorney’s fees for discriminating based on age and gender.
– $300,000 plus attorney’s fees for wrongfully taking private property from landowner.
– $500,000 plus attorney’s fees for withholding relevant public records from landowner.



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