Accolades & Endorsements

Letters to the PDN:


Prosecutor Mark Nichols:  “The Treasurer [Selinda Barkhuis] is an ardent champion of the right of taxpayers to participate in the budget process.”  June 15, 2015 Legal Opinion (page 14).

Then county commissioner (now state representative) Mike Chapman:  “I think she’s done a great job,” “She’s very careful with the taxpayer dollar, and the issues she raises she has consistently raised her whole political career, and I respect that.”  May 13, 2016 Peninsula Daily News.

County commissioner Mark Ozias:  “In her years as treasurer, in my opinion, one of the real highlights of Selinda’s service is the tax and timber report that she’s developed and created and produced each year.” “It’s work like that that helps to demystify county government for citizens and for others within government alike.” “I think when you put all of those together, what we see is a real passion for serving the people of this community and a real dedication to her work in every position she was in.”  December 22, 2017 Peninsula Daily News.


Financial Supporters: 

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Below, at the Clallam County Democrats endorsement meeting of September 8, 2018



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