About my calling Nichols “a rat…”

As I explained to Paul Gottlieb of the Peninsula Daily News today, from my perspective I am being quite charitable in referring to Mark Nichols as a rat, considering that he threatened to sue me, arranged to have me sued, and actually sued me, all for very wrong reasons while repeatedly denying me access to legal counsel.

My perspective is, of course, also shaped by the fact that Mark Nichols was a defendant in a case that settled for $1.6 million that alleged he treated women in the Prosecutor’s Office in a hostile, demeaning and condescending manner, a defendant in a case that settled for over $500,000 that alleged he repeatedly and wrongfully withheld relevant public records for many years, and a defendant in a case currently pending that alleges he sexually harassed his office manager repeatedly during his first two years in elected office.

It should further be noted that there are plenty of people who like rats and keep them as pets.

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