My consent and my voice

Reading the story and seeing the picture at left me feeling quite pained, with Clallam County Prosecutor Mark Nichols, sitting next to Chair of the Board of County Commissioners Mark Ozias, weighing in on the subjects of “consent” and “voice” when, from my perspective, and as I have formally informed the Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”), Prosecutor Nichols played an integral role in subverting my consent, silencing my voice, and otherwise bullying me out of office of duly elected Clallam County Treasurer.

Intimidation and silencing by the more powerful is not limited to the extortion of sexual contact among the young, as was the subject of that particular forum.

Indeed, I have (copies of) the public records that tell the story of how intimidation and silencing by the more powerful extends to the extortion of public powers and funds inside the walls of the Clallam County courthouse.

On December 15, 2017, I turned over to my chief deputy the $99.5 million in liquid and safe public funds that were under my personal duty to safekeep “until disbursed according to law,” so that I could vacate the position of County Treasurer and thus divorce myself, legally and financially, from the highly abusive and toxic “shut up and do as you are told or else…!” relationship I found myself trapped in vis a vis Prosecutor Mark Nichols (and his ever-growing stable of deputies and “risk pool” lawyers), County Administrator Jim Jones, Commissioner Bill Peach, and public syphon Jim McEntire.

Now that I have freed myself, I likewise intend to “take the shadows away,” in my case as to what’s been happening inside the Clallam County courthouse, and finish my previous attempts at whistle blowing to the taxpayers and voters who paid my salary for fourteen years and elected me into office three times, specifically addressing for that matter the very issue of how Clallam County “deals” with the “consent” and “voices” of some of its duly elected officials.

In the meantime, see my December 4, 2017 work session item to the Clallam County Commissioners, entitled My Public Records, in which I request the following:

  1. For the BOCC to ensure the continued integrity and public availability of all public records left behind by Selinda Barkhuis.
  2. For the BOCC to make available to Selinda Barkhuis, in unredacted format, all public records relating to Washington Counties Risk Pool Claim No. 2014059824 and/or relating to the county’s February 22, 2016 contract with Dale Kamerrer.
  3. For the BOCC to cease employing, supporting, defending, and indemnifying public officials who abuse their authority.

Stay tuned for more…

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