Please elect me Prosecuting Attorney!

2018-05-26 19.46.51

Elect Selinda Barkhuis Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney

As your County Treasurer, I developed new internal controls and successfully turned over your $99.5 million in taxpayer reserve funds to my successor, restoring trust to the Treasurer’s office. As your Prosecuting Attorney, I promise to likewise restore trust to the Prosecutor’s office.

To protect your rights, I will remain true to my oath of office, my oath as an attorney, and my oath as a naturalized citizen to support and defend constitutional and statutory rule of law, and I will recruit deputies to provide professional, conflict-free, and above-board advice and representation to your other county public servants.

To reduce your property tax burden, I will review the Prosecutor’s budget for savings and aggressively pursue collection of all amounts due under the County’s interlocal and franchise contracts. I will work collaboratively, but firmly, with the Board of County Commissioners and their new County Administrator to review the County’s administration of its policies, the County’s management of its personnel, and the County’s relationship with the Washington Counties Risk Pool.

And to protect the public safety, I will carry my own case load and prosecute offenses against the most vulnerable among us from the first day on the job.

“I promise to restore trust to the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Elected Experience: Clallam County Treasurer (Jan 2011-Dec 2017); Charter Review Commissioner (2015).

Other Professional Experience: Certified mediator since 1993; licensed to practice law since 1994 (WSBA 24139); lawyer in private practice specializing in family and criminal defense law (1995-2002); Senior planner with Clallam County Department of Community Development (2003-2010).

Education: University of Washington law degree (1994); University of Washington masters degree (1990, recipient NASA Space Grant Fellowship); Grand Canyon University bachelors degree (1989, chemistry).

Community service: Pro Bono Publico (“for the public good”) Award from Clallam-Jefferson Pro Bono Lawyers (2012); Distinguished Service Award from Clallam County Pro Bono Lawyers (1996); President Clallam County Bar Association (2000, 2019).

Accomplishments as Treasurer:  

In contrast, consider the “accomplishments” of incumbent Mark Nichols:

  • Nichols was a defendant in an age and gender discrimination case that alleged he treated women in the Prosecutor’s Office in a hostile, demeaning and condescending manner that was settled at a cost to the taxpayers of at least $1.6 million plus attorney’s fees.
  • Nichols was the legal adviser to OPNET in a civil forfeiture case where the judge found that law enforcement officers, including the prosecutor, committed intentional misconduct involving reckless disregard of the truth, costing the taxpayers at least $300,000 in attorney’s fees and fines.
  • Nichols was a defendant in the Lange public records case that alleged he and his deputies repeatedly and wrongfully withheld large amounts of public records that were relevant to Mr. Lange’s land use case against his neighbor.  Violating some very basic rules, defendant Mark Nichols and his deputies settled not only the public records case, but also Mr. Lange’s land use case against his neighbor, obviously to prevent that case going forward to trial and outing Mark Nichols’ complete disregard for the law.  All of which at a cost to county taxpayers of well over $500,000 in reserve funds plus attorney’s fees.
  • And Nichols is currently the defendant in a sexual harassment case (the trial for which he managed to get postponed until after the election)  in which he has admitted that he spent many (taxpayer funded) hours a day for months at a time attempting to get his married office manager to go to bed with him at a cost to the taxpayers of  how much more?

Choose carefully.  Your taxpayer dollars and your rights depend on it!

Thank you for your vote!

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